Member Directory of Composers

Below is the complete Roster of our Composer Members. Click on each name to be directed to individual profile pages. We continue to honor those who are no longer with us on the In Memoriam or Honorary Members pages accessible from the Composers tab in the menu bar above. To be redirected to the Composer Photos Page, click on the Photos button below, or navigate from the Composers tab in the menu bar.

Paul Aljian

Bunny Beck (deceased)

José Beviá (inactive)

Jonathan Bingham (inactive)

Roger Blanc

Frederick Boyle

David Brooks (inactive)

Richard Brooks

Simon Brown (inactive)

Madelyn Byrne

Elliott Carter - Honorary (deceased)

Tamara Cashour

Gilad Cohen (inactive)

Robert S. Cohen

Steve Cohen (inactive)

Marc-Antonio Consoli (inactive)

Derek Cooper

Zach Gubaloff Davis

John de Clef Piñeiro

Vladimir Del Orbe (inactive)

Jesse Diener-Bennett (inactive)

Max Giteck Duykers

John Eaton - Honorary (deceased)

Jacob Elkin

Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy (deceased)

Brian Fennelly (deceased)

Susan J. Fischer

Dinu Ghezzo - Honorary (deceased)

Joe Gianono (inactive)

Monroe Golden

Jacob E. Goodman

Michael Grebla

Ross Griffey (inactive)

Jennefer Griffith (inactive)

Martin Halpern

Jinhee Han

Emiko Hayashi

Eric Heilner

David Hier

Hubert S. Howe

Sam Hoyland

Anthony Izzo

Olivia Jones

Carl Kanter

Christopher Kaufman