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Friends of the New York Composers Circle

Judith Anderson • Naoko Aoki • Oliver Baer • William and Marilyn Baker • Roger Bermas • Nancy R. Bogen–Greissle • Hervé Brönnimann • Richard Brooks and Clifford Hall • Arline Brown • Barry Cohen • Robert Cohen • Gloria Colicchio • Mary Cronson • David Del Tredici and Ray Warman • Gary DeWaal and Myrna Chao • Margaret DeWitt • Robert and Karen Dewar • Mr. and Mrs. John Eaton • Jeanne Ellis • Michael and Marjorie Engber • William and Harriet Englander • Margaret Fairlie–Kennedy • Anne Farber • Allen C. Fischer and Renate Belville • Amy Roberts Frawley • Elizabeth Friou • Victor Frost • Mark and Louise Gatanas • Peter and Nancy Geller • Lucy Gertner • Jacob E. and Josy Fox Goodman • Dorine Gordon • Perry Gould • Stanley S. Grossel • Martin Halpern • Linda Hong • Hubert S. Howe • Carl and Gail Kanter • David Katz • Lou Katz • David Kaufman • Barbara Kaye • Debra Kaye • Richard Kaye • Daniel Klein • Vladislav Klenikov • Alvin and Susan Knott • Andrea Knutson • Susan Korn • Leo Kraft • Herbert and Claire Kranzer • Michael Laderman • Raphael Laderman • Dorothy Lander • Arnold and Michelle Lebow • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leibholz • Stephen and Ann Leibholz • Nancy and Norman Loev • Erwin Lutwak • Joseph and Nina Malkevitch • David Martin • Martin Mayer • William Mayer • Eugene W. McBride • Christopher Montgomery • William and Beryl Moser • Gayther and Carole Myers • Bill Nerenberg • Linda Past and Joseph Pehrson • Jeanette and Stuart Pertz • Murray S. Peyton • Richard Pollack and Lori Smith • Bruce S. Pyenson • Rochelle and Douglas Sauber • Marjorie Senechal • John H. Solum • Abby Jacobs Stuthers • Al and Alice Teirstein • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Townsend • Raymond Townsend • Gary and Katrine Watkins • Sally Woodring • Thomas Zaslavsky and Seyna Bruskin