2020-2021 Concert Season

Composer Jeffrey Niederhoffer


Musical Bridges Concert | Russian Composers Exchange Program

Program listed in alphabetical order by composer. Performance order TBA:

"Extractions of Iodine from Algae" for violin — Mark Belodubrovsky
"Galapagos Suite" for piano — Robert S. Cohen
"Variations on a Theme of Beethoven" for piano — Jacob E. Goodman
"Inharmonic Fantasy No. 12" for violin & electronics — Hubert S. Howe
"Sketches from Nature" for violin — Kevin McCarter
"Picking Up Where I left Off" for violin and piano — Jeffrey Niederhoffer
(Winner of the 2020 John Eaton Memorial Competition)
"The Sun" for electronics — Rushaniya Nizamutdinova
"Immersion" for electronics — Rushaniya Nizamutdinova
"Fuji Sonata" for violin and piano — David Picton
"Contrasts" for violin and piano — Raoul Pleskow
"Homage to Richard Strauss" for piano — Anton Rovner
"Refrains" for solo violin — Anton Rovner

Gregor Kitzis, violin
Craig Ketter, piano

Composer John Eaton


A Concert Featuring A John Eaton Premiere and the
Winner of the 2019 John Eaton Composition Competition

"The Crafty Huntsman" for clarinet, cello, piano — David Picton
"The Siren" for soprano and piano — Craig Slon
"Duology" for double bass and piano — Roger Blanc
"Ecstasy" for clarinet, violin, cello, piano — Cheng Jin Koh
(Winner of the 2019 John Eaton Memorial Competition)
"Tocotín" for mezzo-soprano and guitar — John Eaton
"La mano del violinista" for violin and piano — Jinhee Han
"Parallax" for clarinet and piano — Max Giteck Duykers
"Song Cycle" for soprano and piano — Emiko Hayashi
"Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano" — Peter Kelsh

Composer Jacob E. Goodman


A Concert Featuring The Klang String Quartet

"Birds" for flute, oboe, viola, and cello — Catherine Neville
"To The Child Poets of Terezin" for soprano and bassoon — Gayther Myers
"Distant Waves, New Worlds" for flute and electronics — Linda A. Marcel
"String Quartet No. 3 'The Appalachian' — Timothy Lee Miller
"Prelude and Dance" for string quartet — Paul Aljian
"Inharmonic Fantasy No. 9" for cello and electronics — Hubert Howe
"Adagio and Rondo for String Quartet" — Jacob E. Goodman
"Trio in Two Parts with an Interval Between" for oboe, bassoon, viola — David Mecionis

2020-2021 Concert Season