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Nina Siniakova

NINA SINIAKOVA's Icomposition professor, distinguished Polish-German composer Krzysztof Meyer, wrote of Nina that she is “one of the most interesting composers of her generation.”

Nina Siniakova was born in Minsk, Belarus. She started to play piano at the age of four and to compose at the age of 6. Nina received her education as a pianist, composer and musicologist at Minsk Glinka Music College, St-Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory and Musikhochschule Cologne. Beside music she also studied acting.

While studying, Nina received a special stipend from The Industrial Building Bank, St. Petersburg (as one of the best conservatory’s students); a grant from the St. Petersburg government “Muses of St. Petersburg”; and a stipend from DAAD (German Foreign Exchange Service).

Nina Siniakova’s teachers also include distinguished Russian composers Boris Tischenko, who was the favorite student of Schostakovich, and Gennady Banschikov.

Nina’s music has been performed in European countries and in the US. Her music is published at “Compozitor” (St-Petersburg) and “Four Fourth” (Minsk). As a pianist she has performed at the Chamber Music Hall of St-Petersburg Philharmonic, Moscow Conservatory and Beethoven-Haus Bonn.

Nina Siniakova currently resides in Queens, New York. She works as a pianist at New York City Ballet.


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