Becoming a Member

The Composers Circle welcomes new members. The only requirements for membership are an avid interest in our programs, attendance at a Salon and the performance there (either live or via a recording) of a short composition demonstrating proficiency in the art, and a willingness to do your share to help in producing our concerts and/or related tasks. To become a member, write to, and include a short biographical note similar to those on our Composer Bios web page.

Membership dues are currently $105 annually.

Once membership has been confirmed, checks payable to the New York Composers Circle can be sent to:

Robert Cohen
Treasurer, New York Composers Circle
303 Upper Mountain Ave.
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043.

Dues may be paid as well to the NYCC Paypal account at the address

In addition to membership dues, composer members whose works are selected for performance at Composers Circle concerts are expected to make an additional contribution to help defray the costs of production. Currently this is $225, which covers up to two performers; beyond that, an additional $100 per performer.

Benefits of Membership

ReceptEDITThe New York Composers Circle is a cooperative and thrives through the active participation of its members. Members help out by serving on committees, or by working on individual projects in either an occasional or ongoing way.See for yourself if you would like to join – attend our next salon and workshop. For information, please write to

Benefits of membership include:

  • Active participation in our monthly music Salons,a_Diliana with opportunities to “test fly” your works in progress.
  • Free entrance to all Circle events: Concerts, readings, workshops.
  • In The Loop updates publicizing professional opportunities, the Circle’s latest news, and performances of NYCC members (including your own!).
  • The opportunity to submit scores for possible performance in concert.
  • The opportunity to submit scores for possible performance on recorded readings.
  • Extended professional opportunities through the pooling of resources.
  • The opportunity to be part of an expanding new music network of composers and performers that includes some of New York City’s finest musicians, and the increased opportunities for creative exchange, collaboration and professional development that this brings.
  • Inclusion in our Members page, with a link to your own website.

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