The policies and expenditures of the NYCC are administered by a member-elected Executive Director, acting jointly in consultation with a Steering Committee of composer members, acting for the Board, to guide the management and growth of the organization and to set its goals, priorities, and initiatives as a substantial component of the new music scene.

NYCC Committees

Board of Directors
John de Clef Piñeiro, Chair
Richard Brooks
Jacob E. Goodman

Hubert S. Howe, Executive Director & Outreach Coordinator
Max Giteck Duykers, Deputy Executive Director & Membership Coordinator
Robert S. Cohen, Treasurer, and ASCAP & BMI Liaison
Susan J. Fischer, Secretary
Tamara Cashour, Publicity Coordinator
David Mecionis, Concert Director
Dary John Mizelle, Salon Coordinator
Emiko Hayashi, Coordinator of Readings
Timothy L. Miller, Website Administrator

Program Committee
Tania León, Chair
John de Clef Piñeiro
Jacob E. Goodman
Richard Brooks
Hubert S. Howe

Honorary Members
Elliott Carter (dec.)
John Eaton (dec.)
Ezra Laderman (dec.)
Tania León
Paul Moravec


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