Guido Arbonelli: Upcoming Performance Update

Thursday, October 25, 2018 9:06 AM

Guido Arbonelli and the Trio Namaste, who will be performing in New York on December 10th at Marc A. Scorca Hall at the National Opera Center, has chosen the works that they will play on the concert.  They are as follows:

John de Clef Piñeiro – Rhapsody in Blues – for Bb clarinet and piano

Max Duykers – Parallax– for Bb clarinet and piano

Linda Marcel – Evocare III– for Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano

Gene Marlowe – Aspetta Ancora Qualche Minuti (2mv)– for two Bb clarinets and piano

Kevin McCarter – Ricercare– for Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano

David Mecionis – Table Canon for Two Clarinetists– for Eb/Bb clarinet and Bb/bass clarinet

Gayther Myers –Small Talk– for Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano

Richard Brooks – Dialogue– for Eb clarinet and Bb clarinet

Congratulations to the selected composers. We look forward to hearing this exciting concert soon!



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