SoundWordSight Review of April 21 Concert

Monday, May 18, 2015 12:59 PM

The online arts magazine SoundWordSight has published a review of the New York Composers Circle's April 21 concert at Saint Peter's Church at Citigroup Center.

SoundWordSight 4/21/15 concert review


The composers and performers of New York Composers Circle April 21, 2015 New Music for Winds and Piano – Back row: Scott Bartucca, Gather Myers, John Popham, Matt Marks, David Picton, Stephen Gosling, Richard Brooks, Oren Fader – Middle row: Margaret Lancaster, Christa Van Alstine, Roberta Michel, Max Giteck Duykers, Susan Fischer – Front row: Tamara Cashour, Peri Mauer, Esther Noh, Virginia ChangChien. – (Not pictured: Keve Wilson, Hannah Levinson, Nanci Belmont, Gene Marlow)


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