Saturday, September 18, 2010 9:16 PM

A reminder that this year's first SUNDAY SALONwill be held Sunday, September 19, at 1:00pm. We'll be meeting in Jacob Goodman's apartment, 310 West 72 Street (#16A) at 1pm. We will precede the event with a Steering Committee meeting at noon for those who are interested. As our main event on Sunday JOHN EATON will present the DVD of his opera "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" — a fantastic way to kick off our new season! See below for the rest of the afternoon's agenda. 


In October, JOHN DE CLEF PINEIRO's "Rhapsody in Blues" will be premiered in Buenos Aires and Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. The performers are Guido Arbonelli, clarinet, and Michele Fabrizzi, piano, the same duo who performed the piece at Symphony Space last season. As John dryly notes: "With that, my Rhapsody will have now been performed repeatedly on three continents. Next . . . Asia and Africa?  :))"  


In addition to John Eaton's DVD presentation of his opera, the following lineup has been arranged for Sunday's Salon:2. Audition of Guest Composer's WorkPaul Pinto -- "Three Miniatures" for trombone and trumpet; soprano clarinet and 'cello; voice and electronics presented on a CD recording. (Approx. 7 min.) 3. Audition of Members' WorksDana Richardson -- "Violin Sonata No. 4, 1st movement." Andrea Shultze, violin, Chris Oldfather, piano, on a CD recording. (Approx. 10 min.)Richard Brooks -- "Four Play" the New Hudson Saxophone Quartet on CD. (Approx. 7 min.)Jacob Goodman -- "Beneath the Trees" a cycle of three songs. Derrick Ballard, bass-baritone and Edmond Schonberg, piano, on CD. (Approx. 9 min.) The remaining time will be devoted to presenting other works by members or guests in attendance.


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