Sunday, September 7, 2008 6:20 PM

Here’s hoping everyone had a restful and productive summer – the New York Composers Circle is now entering its seventh season, and it is time to get things started! Our first Sunday Salon this year will be on September 21 from 2-5pm, at the Ellington Room at the Manhattan Plaza. The address is 400 West 43, enter at Ninth Avenue, and head up to the second floor. If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of our get-togethers yet, we sure hope to see you there


We’ll be entertaining two special guests at the Sep 21 Salon. First, clarinetist ADAM BERKOWITZwill offer a presentation and demonstration of four extended techniques, namely: circular breathing, multiphonics, vocalization, and double tonguing on clarinet and bass clarinet. He will discuss these techniques from a clarinetist’s perspective and how composers could use them in their work. Many of you will remember that Adam has performed for the NYCC before, and we are very fortunate that he has graciously offered to give us this very worthwhile “tutorial” in contemporary clarinet techniques.

Also, NYCC Director of Media Relations GENE MARLOW will offer a presentation, “Two Conventions: One a Microcosm of the Other.” Gene will discuss his observations of the June National Performing Arts Convention (NPAC) held in Denver, and the Jazz Radio Programmers Annual Conference in Rochester, New York. Gene indicates that “While the NYCC is small in comparison to some of the organizations and 4,000 people who attended the Denver conference, NYCC’s mission, activities, and challenges are part of the overall performing arts industry in the United States. What was learned by the attendees at the NPAC can be and must be applied to the NYCC.”


For those interested in dance projects, here is some information about about Dance/NYC. They are a service organization dedicated to supporting the 5500+ dancers and the 500+ dance companies in New York City. They are currently working on two initiatives to bring together composers/musicians with dancers/choreographers who are interested in commissioning work for dance compositions. There will be a workshop on October 1st in conjunction with G. Shirmer, which will include a panel of freelance musicians. This is a wonderful opportunity for musicians and dance artists from the New York community to meet. They report: “We would love to have musicians in attendance at this event. Additionally, we will be adding a “Musicians/Composers Resource Directory” to the Dance/NYC website, where dance artists can find a listing of musicians/composers interested in working with dancers/choreographers.”

If you are interested in being included in the Dance/NYC resources guide, please forward your contact information and a brief description (50 words or less) of your work to or call 212.966.4452 for additional information.

If you are interested in attending the October 1st event, please RSVP at Look to the bottom right hand corner of the home page under “what’s happening”.

Keep your announcements, concerts, and good news coming to your friendly In The Loop editor, Richard Russell, at (And let me know if you prefer to be removed from the list.) Until next time, let’s keep each other In The Loop!


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