Saturday, November 15, 2008 6:33 PM

Reminder: Our November Salon will be held tomorrow, Sunday November 16, from 2-5pm. The location is the Ellington Room at Manhattan Plaza, 400 West 43 on the second floor.

 Two upcoming concerts will take place in the same venue, Saint Peter’s at Lexington and 54th Street, a venue well known to the NYCC… read on! 


WILLIAM VOLLINGER‘s “Whaddaya Want for Christmas?” will be premiered by the Gregg Smith Singers on November 22 at 8PM at St. Peter’s Church Lexington Ave. at 54 St. Other composers on the evening include Schutz, Debussy, Edmund Najera, Jack Beeson, Michael Cohen, Dorothy Hindmann and others. 


ANNA TONNA writes: “I will perform as part of the Albéniz Trio a concert of music dedicated to Isaac Albéniz in honor of the centenary of his death.” This chamber music concert is billed as “Albéniz: The Ultimate Romantic” and will be held on Tuesday December 2, 2008 at St. Peter’s Church at at Lexington Avenue and 54th Street. Tickets are $15, sold at the door. 

The Albéniz Trio is comprised of pianist Alexander Wu, guitarist Francisco Roldán and mezzo soprano Anna Tonna. Special guest performer on the evening is double bass player Hilliard Greene. Comprised of solo piano, solo guitar, the rarely performed songs for voice and piano, as well as two world premiere arrangements for piano/guitar and piano/double bass of Albéniz’s Tango in D and Puerta de Tierra, Albéniz: The Ultimate Romantic celebrates the centenary of the death of the Spanish composer, Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909).


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