Jacob E. Goodman

a_goodman1RevJacob E. Goodman, Founding President of the New York Composers Circle in 2002 and currently its Concert Director, Outreach Coordinator, and a member of its Board, is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at City College (The City University of New York), the author of many books and research articles, and a founding editor of the journal Discrete & Computational Geometry. He has composed and improvised all his life, and has studied composition with, among others, Ezra Laderman and David Del Tredici.

Recent compositions include a set of six intermezzi for piano, two song cycles (one set to poems in English, the other in Yiddish), a set of variations on a Beethoven theme, a quintet for flute, strings, and piano, “Variations for a Rainy Afternoon” for flute, violin, cello, and piano, “Oui, J’Aime Brahms,” for cello and piano, a prelude for saxophone and piano, a set of nocturnes for violin and piano, three bagatelles for piano, a set of variations for piano trio in the style of Beethoven, an Andante for String Quartet, and the score for the documentary film “Meet Me at the Canoe”, produced for the American Museum of Natural History by his daughter Naomi Goodman-Broom.

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