Program for Oct 19 Salaon

Sunday, October 19, 2008, 2:00 PM
Manhattan Plaza Ellington Room
400 West 43rd Street


1. Discussion of Organizational Matters and Reports
John de Clef Piñeiro, NYCC Executive Director, will bring us up to
date on administrative matters. (Approx. 30 minutes)

2. Audition of Members' Works
Hubert Howe – "Timbre Study No. 7" for electronic sounds. Hubert will
give a 15-minute presentation illustrating the sounds used in the
piece and how he created them, followed by the playback of the 10-
minute piece. (Approx. 25 minutes)

Gene McBride – Prelude and Act 1, Scene 1 from his opera "On Burning
Ground." This recording features singers Demetra Adams, Beverly Myers,
Seth Gilman and Ricardo Rivera with a Sibelius orchestra. (Approx. 20

Cesar Vuksic – "Vocalise" for unaccompanied soprano, Arlene Travis
performing. (Approx. 3 minutes)

Debra Kaye – "Chain Reaction" for Soprano and Piano. Arlene Travis
and Cesar Vuksic performing. (Approx. 4 minutes)

Christopher Montgomery – "Four Bagpipe Tunes" MIDI rendition.
(Approx. 7 minutes)

Roger Blanc – "Movement for String Quartet" (Approx. 8 minutes)

3. Conclusion and Refreshments

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